"Where game changing marketing is a must!"

JRated Marketing



JRated provides the logistics designed to help clients connect with key demographics, reach new communities the client has not reached and enhance their reputation. Use our marketing experts to help your business create followers, not friends.

​Our goal is to enhance the sales and profits of your business. Here at JRated Marketing we know businesses don't need MORE exposure but businesses need TARGETED exposure.

​3 crucial components we help all our clients with are as follows: Strategy & Training, Account Creation & Management and Targeted Advertising. With our proven components we WILL provide consumer traffic. But don't just take our word for it, read a few testimonials.


Owner of Grace Cleaning LLC 

"We took on JRated Marketing not too long ago. They have given us a great website and social media presence. The strategies they used brought consumers and we are grateful."

CEO of AP Company 

"JRated has a phenomenal sense of Vision when creating videos. Their attention to detail is stellar for every project."

Amanda, Long and Foster Real Estate Agent 

"You guys do great work! Keep it up"

Owner of AGE LLC 




Contact us at JRatedProductions@hotmail.com